Networked-Aframe Examples

Basic Simple avatars with synced color
4-in-one Opens the basic example 4 times on one page using iframes
WebRTC Basic example with WebRTC support
Positional Audio Example of using positional audio with WebRTC
Video Streaming Example of using texture video with WebRTC
Multi Streams Example of using texture video with WebRTC from multiple local streams
Shooter Press spacebar to shoot. Example for spawning networked entities at runtime.
360 Image Basic example with 360 image environment
Tracked Controllers Use with HTC Vive controllers or Oculus Touch
Google Blocks Scene and Avatars made entirely in Google Blocks
Basic with events Example of listening to and logging NAF events
Ownership Transfer Demonstrates transfering ownership of entities
Persistent sphere Simple sphere that changes color on click. The color is synced between participants. This is an example of a persistent entity defined in the html.
Spawned persistent spheres Similar to the above example but with spawned spheres. The spheres are kept in the room if there is at least one participant remaining in the room. The persistence is done peer to peer. All spheres are lost if all participants leave the room.
Adapter Test Use this page to test new network adapters

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